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At Ryatt Optometry we understand that your choice of eyewear may not only be determined by your need to correct your vision but by your personal style and tastes too. That’s why we have an inspiring choice of frames specifically selected for their stylish designs and personal appeal - all at competitive prices.

You can choose from a wide selection of designer brands to suit your taste and budget starting from just £80.


Our selection includes Ted Baker, Wolf, Guess, United Colors of Benetton, Joules, Oakley, Nike, CAT, Barbour, Radley, 

Rayban, Stepper, Cocoa Mint and many more.


Whatever your taste we have the perfect frames to suit your everyday, working and social needs.

Prescription lenses

Choosing the right lenses for your frames can be overwhelming. We believe in taking an individual approach whatever your lifestyle. Whether you wear glasses all day or for specific activities such as driving, reading, watching TV or using a computer, we can recommend the best lens choice to meet your needs.

With improved technology you will find that lenses are now much thinner, flatter and optically superior.


At Ryatt Optometry we only sell the best branded lenses from Essilor, Hoya and Zeiss.

Single vision lenses provide the same vision correction over the entire lens. They correct a particular vision. Such as distance vision if you’re short sighted (myopia) or close up vision if you’re long sighted (hyperopia).

Bifocal lenses have two separate vision zones, separated by a line, that corrects both near and distant vision. The top segment of the lens provides correction for distance vision and the bottom one provides correction for close up vision.

Varifocal lenses (progressives) offer clear vision at all distances with the added benefit of not having any visible lines on the lens. The lenses have distance vision when looking straight ahead, near vision at the lower part of the lens and all distances in between, which enables the wearer to switch between reading a book and watching television without switching glasses.


New Hi-index lenses material means that your lenses can be made thinner, lighter and better looking. This is especially good news if you have a high power prescription. You don't need to wear thick unsightly lenses or have your choice of frames restricted.

Cheerful Woman with Glasses

Photochromic lenses and Lens coatings


Transitions® Light Intelligent Lenses™ automatically adapt to changing light; helping you protect your eyes, helping you see better, while always having light under control. 

You can choose from:

NEW Transitions Signature GEN 8

Transitions Xtractive

Transitions Style Colours

Transitions Style Mirrors



Lens coatings can improve the appearance and performance of your spectacle lenses. If you are thinking about purchasing new spectacles you could consider these lens coatings and treatments.

Crizal Drive - enhances visual comfort for safer driving

Crizal Prevencia - helps protect eyes from harmful blue violet light

Crizal Sapphire UV - helps with reflections from various surfaces

Optifog - solution for fog on spectacles


Ryatt Optometry is a Varilux Specialist Practice.

Our varifocal lenses are supplied by Essilor.

woman wearing transitions lenses

Digital lenses

EYEZEN lenses


Today, we are living in a CONNECTED WORLD with the increasing number of screens surrounding us: smartphones, tablets, laptops... either for WORK OR FOR LEISURE, this can have AN IMPACT ON OUR VISION.​

  • »  Using screens demands INTENSIVE EFFORTS FROM OUR EYES as we have to switch from variable distances and read pixelated characters.

  • »  EyezenTM lenses are adapted to our daily life thanks to the SPECIFIC STRUCTURE of the lens and an ADVANCED FILTER against harmful blue-violet light. Day after day, these lenses will help reduce visual fatigue from screens and provide harmful light protection indoors from modern light sources and outdoors from the sun.

  • »  A complete range of lenses designed for single vision digital device users, to help reduce eyestrain while protecting their visual health for tomorrow.

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